ARM USB OCD programming


So I got myself a device to program and debug ARM micro controllers by using JTAG. It’s an Olimex ARM-USB-OCD.

Tried to use OpenOCD on Mac OSX to program LPC2103,  but had troubles getting it recognised. After some googling and testing I finally managed to get it recognised. Here are the findings:

  • Compile OpenOCD with just regular ./configure (you can obviously add –prefix or whatever you want :)) and install it
  • The settings for interface in OpenOCD are using deprecated interface ft2232 so you need to change it a bit.

[snippet id=”35″]

You need to check data for device description (should be the same as in the device) and PID and VID number. To get that info just click on the apple sign (on the top left side of the screen), select About This Mac and press button System Report. Under USB you will find the device and copy the name (at the top) and Product ID and Vendor ID. Copy that to the interface file.

  • Choose the target you want to program (lpc2103.cfg in my example)

The command is:

 openocd -f olimex-arm-usb-ocd-h.cfg -f lpc2103.cfg

With proper paths, of course.

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