Raspberry Pi boot time

English: Extract from Raspberry Pi board at Tr...

English: Extract from Raspberry Pi board at TransferSummit 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I plan to use Raspberry Pi in a solution made for a customer, but when we discussed boot time I had to grab stop watch to see how long does it take to boot. It takes 42.68 seconds…Way too much.

So the plan is to lower that time. Looks like Arch Linux might be a solution. Since I use mostly Debian, I have to check the distribution to see how it works. So I will be using it first in virtual environment and when I’m happy with hacks to make it boot faster, the distribution for Raspberry Pi will be used.

Reflow oven & stuff


A 500g reel of 22swg 60/40 Solder

A 500g reel of 22swg 60/40 Solder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The need to use SMD’s occurred and since they are hassle to solder by hand – or it is impossible, depending on the casing. Reflow oven comes to the rescue.


Found great video, that explains a lot of things. And we are in process of creating a home version of it.


IoT Vienna

As mentioned I was on business trip, the conference.. IoT Vienna – part of the IoT day. I volunteered to help them in organisation but failed miserably. Managed to sit on the wrong means of transport (bus instead of u-bahn) and came an hour and half too late 🙁

So I wasn’t much of a help.  Sorry, guys and girls.

Anyway – the conference was good. All the talks were recorded and here they are.